COVID-19 Tracker

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the world, leading organizations need to ensure the health and safety of hundreds of their employees as well as their customers. This confusing, fast-changing situation demands scalable and flexible technology.

Safe.Right.Fast has developed an application that enables your Safety, HR and Executives team a way to track and manage the health, safety, and availability of its entire workforce.

Our Safe.Right.Fast team is committed and ready to help you manage your operations during a time of unprecedented disruption. Please reach out to us directly to learn more.

License Terms – 6 months for 1 user

$50/mo for 1 user (6 month subscription)

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Organizations can use this app to:

  • Access anywhere with an internet connection
  • Have direct line of sight to the employee, their direct supervisor and case notes from beginning to end
  • Track and archive all cases notes from Initial Symptoms, Preliminary Care plan, Initial and Final Testing Dates and Results.
  • Manage employee availability for and ensure they have met all requirements for their return to work.
  • Case Closure notes and Attachments along the way
  • The system also monitors overall Total Days each case is open and Total Missed Duration Days for the employee.